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Removals Price Guide and Moving Tips

Removals Price Guide

Moving is a major life decision, which is why it must be precise and professional. For most people, moving items from one place to another can be very stressful, causing them to hire professional removers to do the job. Removal services manage the entire moving process with ease and comfort, including packaging, storage, and handling delicate items.

However, choosing the correct company with the right cost is crucial, particularly if you want special services. The price estimate can only be determined if you have a clear picture of what you expect from the company. Also, you must ask several questions before hiring a company to avoid any confusion. For example, Does it provide packaging? Do you have any fragile items that need to be moved with care? Is the company’s staff trained? And most importantly, what is their price quote?

Choosing A Removal Company

Precaution must be taken, as some companies have seemed to disappoint their customers at the last moment by cancelling or altering the service agreement. You must guarantee that the business has its own vehicles equipped to move all types of goods.

Having references for the business is a key to knowing its service quality. Customer feedback provides you with a better idea of what to anticipate, but verify that its source is authentic. Some businesses have their customer reviews listed on websites, such as,,,, and many more.

Insurance is another crucial factor. Any company should at least have insurance to operate as a removals business. Other insurances, such as insurance for goods in transit, public liability insurance, and employer’s liability insurance, should also be checked. In addition, ask the business for their complete terms and conditions before depositing any money with them.

Packing Services

Most removal firms will give you the option of packing the items yourself, or requesting the removal firm to do the packing on your behalf. You can save money by packing on your own, but a packing service save you time and professionally pack your goods, avoiding any accidental damage. Below is a list of services commonly offered by packing services:

- Full Packing Service
The removals company will pack everything for you with the full packing service. You can inform the company if you want certain items handled differently. Most services also include special packaging for fragile goods.

- Glass, China, and Ceramic
Need help with just those tricky items that are easily breakable? You can find a company to pack those items specifically and save on costs. Make sure to check that the company you choose is trained to handle delicate crockery, such as china.

- Clothes
Sometimes moving clothes can be a hassle, especially when you need them to stay fresh and free of creases. Ask the removals company if they have experience handling clothes. The company should be able move them while hanging or fold them, without damaging their shape.

- Other Items
Heavy items, such as books, can also be packed separately for convenience. In addition, some companies may offer to package goods like utensils, which some customers might find hard to handle.

Packing Material

Packing materials are another major moving cost. No move is complete without boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. Most removal firms sell all types of packing materials to their customers. You can order moving packs and individual boxes online, or pick them up from a local store. Some materials you might need include:

- Strong and sturdy boxes of various sizes
- Tape or tape guns
- Packing paper
- Rolls of bubble wrap
- Mattress protectors
- Bubble bags
- Plastic sofa covers

Make sure that the packing material is delivered on time to allow you to pack the items prior to the arrival of the removal firm.

Specialist Movers

Your moving costs will differ if you have items that require special handling and transportation. Extravagant art, antique jewelry, and luxurious furniture need careful attention. You will need a service company that is trained, insured, and professional. Review their credentials, their association with other companies, and their staff qualifications before trusting them with your valuables. Specially designed crates and boxes are required for this type of service. A complete surveillance of the moving process with cameras during all stages is another available service.

Requesting a Survey

Requesting a survey is important and is often free of charge. It allows the removal company to assess the job before the moving day so they can come prepared. Be honest and clear with what you want moved. Point out any tight spots on your territory or specify hard to access items. The company should provide you a quote after the survey based on the volume of items. It is a good idea to dispose of or sell unnecessary items to significantly lower your volume and moving costs.

Fixed Price vs. Hourly Rates

Your removals cost could be drastically lowered based on whether you choose an hourly rate or a fixed price. Your personal situation will determine which rate is the most ideal. If you are confident that you can pack all of the items by yourself and that they are easily removable, then you may want to choose an hourly rate to save money.

Most companies will provide you a fixed price quote with additional costs for other services included as a precaution. For example, a company may give you a quote that requires an additional hour to move your sofa due to its tight location. However, perhaps you have experience moving the sofa and you are certain that the location will not be a problem. In this case, you can request the removals firm to give you an hourly rate, since you know that the entire process needs less time than they expect.

Most removal firms with fixed rates maintain a “one placement” policy for each item once it arrives at its destination. This means that you cannot ask them to move it to a different position after it has been placed in its initial spot. In this case, you will likely prefer an hourly rate to provide the removal firm the time to properly arrange your items.

Although hourly rates are more flexible and convenient, budgeting them can be difficult since you will not know the final rate beforehand. If cost is an issue for you and you are uncertain that the hourly rate will match the fixed price, then you should consider the fixed price rate. Offices, companies, and business also prefer a fixed price rate for its advantage of a definite price quote.

The Best Choice

In the end, determining the best choice for a removals company depends on your personal needs and preferences. If you do your homework and research in advance, moving can be comfortable and hassle-free. There have been consistent complaints from some movers that their belongings were damaged, their removals firm backed out, or their items were lost.

You can avoid such circumstances through preparation. Always keep a list of items with you before you send them, and label your boxes for easy handling. Demand the removals firm to give you clear answers and a comprehensive quote. Verify the firm’s credentials and experience, and whether it has a trained staff. Make arrangements for pets or elderly so that they are not lost or hurt during the process. Most importantly, while you prepare for your moving day, make sure to relax and enjoy the process as much as possible.


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